If your pet is not in serious pain or in need or emergency care, but still requires a surgical procedure, you could save money by making an appointment at one of these facilities for these type of services.

  • thoracic and cardiovascular procedures

  • thorascopic and laporscopic abdominal surgery

  • ear canal surgery/ablation, oronasal surgery

  • perineal hernia correction, perianal fistula treatment

  • spinal stabilization, treatment of intervertebral disc disease and other neurosurgical procedures,

  • orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive fracture repair

  • arthroscopic joint surgery, cruciate ligament repair including TPLO, total hip replacement revision

  • laser procedures, reconstructive surgery

  • surgical oncology (cancer)

  • anesthesia and surgery for high risk patients

  • lameness evaluations

  • evaluations of diseases of the spinal cord

  • fluoroscopic and cystoscopic procedures

Surgical Veterinary service providers